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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Which Form Of Vitamin C? and Does It Really Matter?

I have done many posts now on the wonder nutrient of vitamin C and on the different forms available. One can take drug store or Walmart or grocery store Vitamin C in either capsules or tablets. One can take 1000 mg at a time in powdered packet forms such as Emergen-C and other copy cats. Some of these include essential minerals and some also include B complex vitamins etc. You can now purchase Liposomal vitamin C in capsules or in a packet where you squeeze out the contents into a glass of water or fruit juice etc.

Tower labs sells perhaps one of the BEST (ONE stop shopping bargains out there) for those following Dr. Linus Pauling's Unified Theory of heart disease and wants to drink (his OR her) formula instead of taking tablets or capsules. Tower Labs has at least three different pre-measured formulas which contain mega doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) along with L-Lysine and L-Proline (Amino acids), and include varying amounts of stevia for flavor, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A. Vitamin E (in the form of D-alpha), Folate, Vitamin B2, Taurine, Magnesium chelate, Creatine chelate and Chondrotin sulfate.

C-Salts is my favorite for the moment anyway is a product which is a pre-measured powder (1 teaspoon) contains 4000 mg of Vitamin C along with potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc in a powdered effervescent pleasant tasting drink that is easy on the stomach. It is sold in two bottle sizes with the smaller one holding (43 servings of 4000 mg Vitamin C / each) and the larger one holds 140 servings of 4000 mg of Vitamin C each). Add a shot of diet cranberry (or your favorite) juice and it tastes great.

Emergen-C 1000 mg powdered packets are convenient, however I consider them pricey based on following Dr. Pauling's mega doses of 6000 mg up to 8000 or even maxed out at 16,000 mg vitamin C a day. They are handy if traveling as you can dump a packet into a bottled water and drink it while driving, especially if a traveling salesman or on vacation etc.

Many feel that ascorbic acid vitamin C does the same job in your system as any of the others and I am NOT here to argue with the scientists. I use any and all of them at various times and in different circumstances. I try to take at least 8000 mg of Vitamin C daily now along with at least 4000 mg of L-Lysine and 1000 of L-Proline to stay on track with the basic recommendations. The important thing is to study the Pauling recommendations and get on something. The only cautions I have seen in print is be careful if you are on any sort of blood thinners including 81 mg aspirin a day therapy.

You need to sit down and study everything you can find on unclogging existing arteries and curing heart disease with the Vitamin C and amino acid therapy FIRST. My blog might be a good place to start as I have over 25 posts on the subject of heart disease and the (blood lipid theory) (vs.) the (Unified Theory).

I am listing a link below that will go into more detail on types of vitamin C available to the consumer.

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