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Thursday, July 31, 2014

TRANSGLUCOSIDASE For Eliminating (starch to sugar) Spikes

I have done previous articles on the value of taking supplemental transglucosidase which is an enzyme to reduce blood sugar spikes from the natural conversion of any and all starches into sugar.

FIRST of all type 2 diabetics should begin to move towards a low carbohydrate, low starch, low glycemic index type of diet regimen. The reason is simple...............STARCH is one of the highest dietary sources of blood sugar and dangerous after meal sugar spikes. In other words, start moving your meals into the low starchy food intake arena. This applies to even so called "Healthy Grains" such as whole wheat, multi-grain, oatmeal, brown rice etc. type of foods.

Start thinking and moving towards a LOW starch, LOW carbohydrate diet and while your at it, look into the value of taking transglucosidase supplementation as it has been shown to BLOCK up to 31% of rapidly digested starch (the kind that causes blood sugar spikes immediately after a high starch meal). Remember that in response to too much sugar caused by too much starch, your body in turn PUMPS OUT WAY TOO MUCH INSULIN. CHRONICALLY ELEVATED INSULIN LEVELS LEAD TO:

Increased risk of dying from:

  • Cancer
  • obesity
  • Heart Attacks
  • Strokes
  • Burnt out pancreas which them becomes incapable of any glucose control at all
If you feel you are living the good life by eating anything and everything you want and depending on your trusty insulin meter to just keep pumping out excess insulin to allow you to eat that are kidding yourself and it WILL catch up to you.

WHERE do you purchase a supplement form of transglucosidase? Good Question. Start with the folks at "Life Extension Magazine" where I first learned about it or go on line to several reputable companies that now carry supplements.



PLEASE NOTE that this link contains comments from this BLOG and gives credit to me as my name is at the bottom. Comments are FROM a June 2013 blog post on this very subject.


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