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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sudden Hearing Loss and Ringing in the Ears

Back in September of last year, I experienced very sudden ringing in my right ear which lasted for several days along with a distinct immediate noticeable decrease in hearing.

What to do? I wasn't sure, however I started to research the situation and I found that many people as they grow older, (I am 67 and will be 68 in October) experience ringing in the ears and sudden temporary or sometimes permanent loss in one ear. I should mention that in addition to being a type 2 diabetic, I was exposed to a lot of loud noise over the years starting when I was a kid. I worked on local dairy farms and between the sound of the machinery, and everyday work, was exposed to more decibels of sound than is recommended. I also grew up shooting guns ranging from .22 rifles to 12 GA shotguns for both hunting and recreation. I also worked one summer between college semesters in a foundry where my Dad worked for many years. I was an inspector of parts before they went on to the next stage. That summer job also exposed me to a LOT of noise. MOST of the sudden loss and ringing scenario episodes seem to result from long or short term loud noise exposure.

In any event, I went to an audiologist and found that hearing in  my left ear was much better than in my right ear. I then made an appointment with an ear, nose, throat specialist and had my hearing tested again about two months later. In the interim, I started drinking the juice of one fresh lemon every morning before eating anything. The on again, off again ringing problem stopped within two days of doing that. When I had my second test done, my right ear had measurably improved which was verified by the hearing test frequency chart. The NEW test chart super imposed on top of the original chart showed measurable improvement in two months.

The #1 supplement on the drug store shelves for ringing in the ears is called Lipo-Flavonoid right now.

I also had a MRI Scan done to rule out any unknown growth or brain tumor etc. That test came back negative.

In doing the research for any natural supplements, herbs etc. or any other option other than a hearing aid, I came across the following:

  • I still take the squeezed juice of one lemon in warm water every morning (flavonoids)
  • I started taking Alpha Lipoic acid and Aceytl L-Carnitine daily (Puritan Pride sells these two as a combo with Aceytle-L-Carnite 400 mg and Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mg 30 caps. At the time of this POST I purchased 10 bottles for $47.40) 1 AM and 1 PM.
  • I just added 500 mg of Niacin with my evening meal / 1 in the AM OR PM (MAX dose)
  • I take Ginko Biloba once a day / 1 in the AM
  • Beta-Carotene (converts to Vitamin A) 25,000 I.U. daily / 1 AM
  • Vitamin C (see below)

This regimen is in addition to following  Dr. Linus Pauling's "Unified Theory" of heart disease which incorporates 6-8000 (OR MORE) mg of vitamin C every day in addition to COQ10. L-Lysine, L-Proline, Vitamin E and other nutrients. This BLOG contains around THIRTY OR MORE SEPARATE POSTS ON RESEARCH DONE BY DR. PAULING AND DR. MATHIAS RATH.

There are other supplements and formulas out there that have shown themselves to be valuable in the full or partial reversal of the the type of hearing loss I have suffered. In the short time I have been on these extra supplements, I have NOTICED an improvement in my hearing in the right ear. I am at the age where I get a lot of FREE audiologist hearing test offers, so later this fall around October or November, I will have the hearing test done again to see if there is any additional measurable improvement.

LINKS: (Check out these links which provide detailed information on testing and the supplements listed above.)

God Bless,


Romans 10:17 King James Version (KJV)

17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Some doctors prescribe Niacin -- a B vitamin -- which seems to improve inner ear circulation.
In days gone by, doctors had only Niacin in its un-engineered form which often causes severe facial flushing which upsets the patient.
This flushing can be prevented for the most part by prescribing specially formulated slow-release Niacin readily available at most
health food/vitamin stores in mega doses (250-500mg per day). 
In no case should anyone take more than 500mg per day as more than that can prove toxic to the liver.

(MY INPUT)..............There is some controversy as to whether or not the "No-Flush form of Niacin is as effective as the regular Niacin. Mine is the regular Niacin which results in about a 5 min flushing, itching, scratching session approximately one hour after taking it. For that reason I take it in the evening with dinner. If I were going out to a party or out to dinner etc., I would take it after I returned home. In my case the flushing, itching sensation is very short lived. If I notice an improvement, I will likely stay on the niacin and if I don't, I will likely get off from it. DAN

(UPDATE 7/3/2015 - I made the switch to the flush free niacin today. Hearing in right ear seems to be improving slowly, however after reading more decided to avoid the itching, burning sensation of regular niacin and made the switch). Dan

The Dynamic Duo that Repairs Damaged Inner Ear Cells and Improves Your Range Of Hearing

It’s a combination of two remarkable nutrients, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine.
Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant that’s made in the body, and is found in every cell. 

Hearing loss

In individuals with hearing loss, a higher dose of ginkgo was more effective than a lower ginkgo dose. Ginkgo may decrease the ear inflammation and improve hearing. Well-designed research is still needed in this area.

NEW ADDED JULY 15, 2015 / LINK ON SIDE EFFECTS AND THINGS TO BE AWARE OF WHEN TAKING NIACIN: (Important information to be aware of as side effects run the gamut from ZERO to SEVERE)


  1. Ringing of ear can be due to lack of vitamin C. Gooseberry is the world's best source of vitamin C. A person lacking vitamin C must drink 25ml of Gooseberry Juice. It is best suggested to drink this juice in the early morning on an empty stomach.

  2. Thank you for the comment and reading my blog. I take 8000-10,000 mg of vitamin C every day per Dr. Linus Paulings Unified theory of heart disease. I will look into the Gooseberry Juice recommendation. Dan