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Sunday, August 9, 2015

More On Hearing Loss and the Role Of Vitamin A (Carotene)

I came across an article on Vitamin A and the role it plays in maintaining your hearing as you get older, especially if your have suffered from the effect of LOUD NOISE hearing loss. I covered in my last post on ringing in the ears and hearing loss a number of natural supplements that have shown great promise to improve hearing loss depending on the root cause of it.

TO READ my previous link, click here:

  • The juice of one fresh lemon every morning in a glass of warm water BEFORE eating anything. This provides bioflavonoids which play a significant role.
  • Niacin supplementation (SEE details on dose age and flush free niacin)
  • Alpha Lipoic acid and L-Carnitine supplementation and amount
  • Ginko Biloba

Here is a SEPARATE LINK to some additional interesting information regarding Vitamin A supplementation and hearing loss. Rather than trying to summarize the information, I will post the link here so you can read it for yourself in its entirety.

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