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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cell Phone EKG's and Other Tests?

Someone sent me a link to the apparent latest technology of having your EKG's done in the Doctor's office and savings perhaps hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process. I have NO comment on this entire procedure at this point and question if it will truly get off the ground as over the years, I have found the medical community at large to have fondness for $$$$.

Time will tell and I will try and stay on top of any news in this regard. Dan

Hey, you never know, it could be legit and the wave of the future. Might also cut down on the 1,000,000 heart attacks per year in the USA and over 650,000 fatalities from same.


The smart phone tests can apparently do blood tests, saliva, urine, sweat, and yes even untra sound scans of one's heart. The average ultrasound echo cardiogram costs around $800 per person as performed by a lab. When you multiply that by 20 million of those test per year, that adds up to $1600000000 dollars a year. The smart phone test apparently runs about $100 per person and is NON-evasive. No shaving your chest, no IV's and hoses hanging out of your veins etc. It is also MUCH quicker and does NOT require going to a LAB or perhaps making two or three visits to get the job done.

Maybe we need to start inquiring about this when you see your cardiologist or doctor next time. Perhaps it will speed up and demand and the technology?

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