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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Low Fat and Fat Free Milk Is BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH

We as Americans have been hood winked for so long into believing that a LOW fat diet is good for you, that even in the face of evidence dispelling that myth, most of us continue to believe it and attempt to follow that regimen. Your BODY needs FAT...............the RIGHT kinds of FAT to live and function properly.

Saturated fat is not the problem and fat in general is not the problem. SUGAR is a problem in its many forms, hydrogenated oils, partially hydrogenated oils, fractionated oils, trans fats, food additives, artificial flavorings, empty calorie (munchie / crunchie) type high calorie low nutrition snacks are the problem. Carbonated sodas whether diet or regular re the problem. Upstairs on my kitchen counter after cleaning out the refrigerator from the holidays, I found a 12 oz can of regular root beer someone left there. The label indicates it has 43 grams of sugar.

Lets talk about 1% milk, skim milk, fat free milk etc. which many people purchase because the medical establishment and TV ads constantly bomb bard us with the message of "EAT A LOW FAT DIET".  You would be much better off drinking whole milk from a farm that does not use pesticides, grown hormones etc. These farms are out there and you might just have to make the drive to a local certified organic farm to purchase that milk, but your body will THANK YOU in the long run.

Don't take my work for it. Here is a link concerning why you need to stop drinking low fat and no fat milk, and buy for a local farmer if possible who does not feed his cattle GMO corn or other crops laced with pesticides and growth hormones etc.

Old Irish proverbs:


"Every patient is a doctor after his cure"


Excerpt from one of my many daily health newsletters;

Dear Reader,

If your doctor and your wife are double-teaming you to cut fat out of your diet, don't fall for it. 

And be extra careful for the old milk trick. 

You probably know it by heart... "Milk: It does a body good." 

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. 

And if you drink reduced-fat milk every day, your waist will expand while your blood sugar takes a beating.

Fat chance 

When you're looking for support from the mainstream, it doesn't get much heftier than Harvard. 

Dr. David Ludwig is a Harvard professor with a specialty in childhood obesity. But don't let the "childhood" part fool you. His message is just as important for adults. And it's as simple as basic math... 

The sugar content of reduced fat milk is way too high. 

How high? Believe it or not, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup contains less sugar than a cup of 2-percent milk. 

And yet, the USDA says we should drink three cups per day! 

Drinking that much milk -- especially low-fat or skim milk -- is as bad as drinking that much Mountain Dew. 

Here's why... The skimming process strips away fat, which helps slow the absorption of sugar. And that process strips away nutrients too. So the nutrition is scant, but the sugar level stays high -- and the sugar courses through your body much faster. 

This isn't news. The only news here is that a prominent mainstream specialist is willing to say it in a major journal. 

Don't be distracted by the mustaches and grinning celebs. Drinking sugary low fat milk every day promotes obesity and type 2 diabetes. 

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