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Sunday, May 29, 2011

67 Amazing Alkaline/Acidid Facts About Your Body

Here are 67 amazing facts about your body's PH balance. I have highlighted the fact about Interstitial fluid as mentioned in a recent post. Interstitial fluid again is the fluid that our tissues and billions of cells are surrounded by, and bathed in constantly. Maintaining the PH balance of this important bodily fluid I believe is CRITICAL to reversing type 2 Diabetes (and a HOST of other ailments).

I found this rather fascinating, and again I believe that the PH miracle diet regimen holds the key to not just controlling your blood glucose readings, but actually reversing diabetes and the horrible long term side effects.

LINK 67 Amazing Facts About PH Balance

I posted some of these here:

1. We are 90% water at birth, slowly reducing to 10% in old age.

5. All major organs work in service of the blood. If blood pH lowers (i.e. becomes more acidic) all other body functions are used to support correction to pH7.35

8. Virtually all food contains acids. Far fewer foods contain alkalis. The recommended 80/20 ratio of alkaline to acid foods has been reversed by the SAD (Standard Australian Diet) to more like 90% acidic food and 10% alkaline.

19. Our interstitial fluid is very similar to the mineral content of the sea. It is alkaline, saline and mineralised. It follows, therefore, that if we drink pure water we will dilute the mineral and pH balance of our interstitial fluid.


The more I read about PH balance and interstitial fluid, the more I am convinced if you don't take care of this FIRST, you might be wasting your time and money on supplements,  and other formulas. Supplement's are important however you need to correct your PH first.


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