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Monday, May 30, 2011

Milagro De La Selvo Tea For Type 2 Diabetes

I came across a couple of links concerning a special TEA that is supposed to be extremely effective in lowering Blood Glucose Levels in Type 2 Diabetics. It is called Milagro De La Selvo tea. Following is a LINK to an ELIXIR made from this tea which is  less expensive than buying the tea direct and claims to be even more effective. I have NOT personally tried either product however I think it begs checking it out.


LINK to Cinnamon Flavored Milagro De Las Selvo Elixir:

The elixir sells for $38.45 for a 25 day supply at the time of this writing. Based on price and preliminary research this is the product I would likely try first from an economic standpoint, IF I decide to try it. (MATH) 90 days divided by 25 days equals 3.6 (X) $38.45 or a total of $138.42 for a 90 day/3 month supply.


Milagro de la Selva (Cinnamon Flavor)

Milagro de la Selva (Cinnamon Flavor)
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Price: $38.45
Availability: In Stock
Model: MDS Cinnamon Flavor
Manufacturer: Milagro de la Selva
Average Rating: Not Rated

Milagro de la Selva (Cinnamon Flavor) is an elixir made of Milagro de la Selva tea extract, spiced with cinnamon to give an even more pleasant taste!
All the benefits of our regular Milagro de la Selva tea, plus:

•    More potent formula than regular tea
•    Finest grade alcohol-based extraction
•    Convenient, easy preparation, carry along and have it handy at all times
•    No more boiling and steeping
•    Spiced with cinnamon - also lowers glucose levels and tastes great!
•    Dropper bottle makes it easier to dose
•    25 day treatment in a small bottle
•    Saves you money!
•    Your glucose comes down or your money back! No questions asked! - Read our guarantee
•    Totally non-toxic
•    Totally caffeine-free
•    100% natural and organic

Following is a link to the actual tea itself along with some testimony as to its effectiveness:

LINK to Purchase TEA:

EXCERPT from 2nd link:

Milagro de la Selva Tea Helped Control My Glucose In 10 Days

I turned to using Milagro de la Selva tea out of desperation. My doctor prescribed Fortamet XR but the side effects were too much for me.
Desperate, I knew I had to find a better solution. It was by sheer accident that I stumbled on a website that described this diabetes herbal tea.

What made me try this diabetes tea?

From the product description, I learned several things about the tea which I thought were interesting. Actually, these are some of the things that led me to try one month's supply:
  1. Clinical study was done with completely positive results for the treatment group.
  2. There were no side effects; even tested and verified as completely non-toxic by a university research group
  3. The Milagro de la Selva tea is taken in liquid form. [Personally, this was ideal for me: I hate pills because of a gag reflex situation.]
  4. Some of the subjects in the trials said to have complete reversal of their type 2 diabetes symptoms
  5. It would not interfere with any medication I might be taking.
  6. The experience of others who drank it. I thought, "If milagro de la selva could do that for her, then I think I could to try that!"
  7. Full guarantee that if the product did not lower glucose levels when used as directed my money would be refunded.
So what did I have to lose. I had diarrhea every day from taking the Fortamet. Those were some of the main enticements that led me to try this herbal product.


A three month supply will cost you $153.00 (vs.) $138.42 for the elixir. On the other hand if this supplement by itself would as indicated in some cases REVERSE type 2 diabetes and bring out of control Blood Glucose readings into normal range, it could be worth its weight in GOLD. MORE research needs to be done on the research and studies claimed by this website, however this product definitely bear some further looking, especially if like the site's founder, you have trouble swallowing pills and are more comfortable with liquid supplements.

I read somewhere that the average type 2 diabetic will spend over $100,000 on the disease in his or her lifetime. When you look at the cost effectiveness of any product, I guess the first question to ask and to verify is DOES IT REALLY WORK AND WHY?  More to follow as I look into this further.


UPDATE/UPDATE/UPDATE / some additional preliminary research (one of my favorites is forums indicating what the people think / those who have bought it and used it, or additional conflicting opinions) This forum indicates the process by which it works is to cause the pancreas to secrete MORE INSULIN which might result in the pancreas failing sooner than it should.

LINK to forum comments GOOD and BAD:

Psalm 103:2-5
Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits:
Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases,
Who redeems your life from destruction,
Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies,
Who satisfies your mouth with good things,
So that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

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