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Monday, March 5, 2012

Eating More Fast Food and Enjoying It Less? (Pink Slime etc.)

Reading a lot lately about "Pink Slime" as it is called in fast food and a lot of restaurant foods as well. I for one am gald that most of my meals are made at home now and built largely around green smoothies and vegetable platters etc.

For many years while working 50-60 hours a week and gone from the house from early morning till bedtime on appointments etc., I ate a lot of fast food and to make it worse, I washed it all down with diet pepsi and diet coke etc.

It is a gift from GOD Himself that my blood lipid profile and overall health is as good as it is. Yesterday as a typical day I ate the following:

  • Breakfast: walnut and date Quaker oatmeal with a big teaspoon of organic cold milled ground flaxseeds added and some skim milk.
  • Snack: Couple of handfuls of nuts consisting of cashews, peanuts, brazil nuts, & pecans.
  • Lunch: Home made soup and a natural peanut butter and sugar free strawberry jam sandwich on oatbread.
  • Dinner: steamed green beans and broccoli with some chicken breasts cut into lengthwise strips and cooked over medium low heat in some extra virgin olive oil with some Mrs. dash and lemon pepper seasoning and some light Italian dressing to taste.

I also had a VitaMixer shake consisting of skim milk, KEFIR, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, 1/2 banana.

Do I always eat like this? NOT exactly, but I try to adhere as close to a regimen like that as I am able.

After visiting several websites and watching the evening news concerning so called "Pink Slime" in fast food hamburgers and other foods, it makes it easier for me to stay on a diet like that above.

Want to know what you have been eating?


The film follows the psychological and physical degeneration of a man who eats only McDonald’s for 30 days. Several years ago, it was revealed that many fast-food burgers contained “pink slime,” or discarded beef cuts treated with ammonium hydroxide. Since then, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and others have campaigned for fast-food chains to stop using the slime.
On Wednesday, McDonald’s announced the product was no longer used in their burgers, Time reports. “This decision was a result of our efforts to align our global standards for how we source beef around the world,” Todd Bacon, senior director of quality systems for McDonald's, said in a statement.
That’s all well and good, except that fast-food meals are still jam-packed with other strange-sounding food additives. The International Business Times has a short list, and it’s not very appetizing.

Below are five of the additives used, and where they are found on McDonald’s menu (though these can be found in fast food products in many other restaurants, too):
Propylene glycol: The International Business Times calls this additive the “less toxic” version of ethylene glycol, which is a dangerous anti-freeze.
Its food function: Prevent products from becoming too solid.
Found in: Sauces, glazes, bagels and hotcakes.
Ammonium sulfate: The chemical composition of this additive is akin to the wash for meat trimmings.
Its food function: Enhance dough, and encourage more consistent bread.
Found in: Hamburger buns.
Calcium silicate: The white powder is often used to prevent bricks, roof tiles and cement from caking.
Its food function: Anti-caking.
Found in: Angus beef patty and seasonings.
Azodicarbonamide: An odorless synthetic chemical mostly used in the production of foamed plastics.
Its food function: A flour bleaching agent.
Found in: Buns.
Sodium acid pyrophosphate:A buffering agent, used for both food and industrial purposes.
Its food function: Maintain color, improve water holding capacity, maintain stability during heating and other functions.
Found in: Chicken nuggets, chicken fillets, hash browns, griddle cakes and cookies.
See the full McDonald’s ingredient list here.


Makes packing your own lunch more appealing than it used to be. Wonder if I could have avoided type 2 diabetes all together if I had never got on the fast convenience food kick and washed it all down with the best the Pepsi Generation had to offer over the years. Anyway, it is "Food For Thought".

HERE is another link listing types of food the BIBLE recommends:

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