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Monday, May 20, 2013

Benefits of an ORANGE a Day

Although there are people I am sure that don't like the taste of oranges, I never personally met one. I happen to love oranges and thought it would be nice to do a post on the benefits of  eating or making smoothies using an orange a day.

Oranges contain:

  • Over 60 different flavonoids
  • Rich in hesperidin and naringin
  • Boost eye health (contain carotenoids, including lutein and beta-cryptoxanthin along with Vit C)
  • Fight heart disease
  • Help to prevent kidney stones ( 1 in 11 people in USA suffer from this)
  • Enhance immunity
  • Vitamin C content helps GABA receptors in your eyes retinal nerves cells / has to do with electrical signals to the brain
  • Also helps protect against macular degeneration (MOST common cause of vision loss in those over 50)
  • Helps endothelial function / reduces inflammation
  • Contain folate / helps prevent build up of homocysteine in your body
  • Contain pectin fiber believed to protect immune system

One study done at the University of California revealed that those consuming more than two servings of fresh oranges per week produced an 82% reduction in glaucoma risk compared to those who ate less than one serving per week.

For diabetics best advice might be to EAT the whole orange so the fiber can help slow down absorption preventing sugar spikes. Another idea (which I do) is to put a whole naval orange into my VitaMixer along with ice cold water, a scoop of why protein. You automatically get all the benefits of the fruit, juice and all ingredients including the white outer surface containing bioflavnoids. I like this approach compared to a juicer where you end up throwing the fruit itself along with the fiber etc. away.

LINK to refurbished Vita Mixers:

Best news of all, oranges are normally a great buy for around $5 for a decent sized bag of Naval oranges.

What's not to like.


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