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Monday, May 20, 2013

Testofen From Swanson Health Products

I received my two month supply of Testofen from Swanson vitamins in the mail today and officially started on two capsules a day on 5/20/2013.

I will post my results in 60-90 days after giving the product a fair trial period. Here is the bottle label with ingredients:

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule
Amount Per Serving% Daily ValueTestofen® Fenugreek SeedExtract (Trigonella foenum-graecum) (standardized to 50% fenusides) 300 mg *

*Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: Rice flour, gelatin, may contain one or both of the following: magnesium stearate, silica.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule two times per day with water.

WARNING: Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing.

Testofen® is a registered trademark of Gencor Pacific, Inc.

(My Input)

Customer reviews from Swanson are MIXED, however in most cases the reviews I read were based on how people feel. There were not any reviews where people had their testosterone levels measured with a blood test BEFORE and after being on testofen for 60 to 90 days. I feel that opinions based on how one feels after 60-90 days do have some merit, however without testosterone levels being tested to show before and after results, opinions are just that...OPINIONS.

Perhaps a better review would be the one I am posting here from Gencor which is the company that developed the various testofen supplements. Here is a LINK to that information:


Benefits and market opportunity

Testofen® is a fenugreek extract standardized for 50% Fenuside™.

Testofen is the branded name for Gencor’s fenugreek extract. Fenugreek is a well-known, versatile herb that contains over 100 phytochemical constituents, including Furostanol Saponins and Steroidal Saponins. While fenugreek has multiple health applications, the active constituents included in Testofen have been shown to boost testosterone levels an thereby increase libido, lean muscle mass and immune functions. The group of saponin glycosides that Testofen is standardized to is named Fenuside.

After age 30, most men begin to experience a natural and gradual decline in testosterone levels, which can result in reduced drive and libido and a slow loss of muscle tone and definition. Most of the testosterone found in men is bound to the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) and Albumin. Only 2−3% of the testosterone present in the human body is typically in a free state. Testofen has been shown to increase free testosterone, up to 98 percent, in an eight-week trial (see below).*

Incorporate Testofen in product formulations designed to support healthy sexual function in adult males.*

Clinical research

Both animal and human clinical studies have been conducted on Testofen®.

Animal study

Study results: The 2010 study of Testofen on the reproductive systems of rats demonstrated that Testofen supported an increase in intracarvenous pressure, which led to healthy erectile functions.* Improvements in libido and muscle mass were also measured.*

Citation: Urmila Aswar, 2010. Effect of Furostanol Glycosides from Trigonella foenum –graecum on the reproductive system of Male Albino Rats. Phytotherapy Research, 24, 1482–1488.

Human study on adult male libido

Study result: A six-week double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study was conducted in Australia in 2009 on 60 healthy adult males. A formulation containing Testofen as a major active ingredient showed a statistically significant increase in the sexual function, performance and satisfaction of the active group.* Study used the DISF-SR index, in addition to quality of life measures such as perceived muscle strength, energy levels, and well-being.

This study used the DISF-SR index (the lead index in studies of sexual health) and measured the following variables:
Sexual cognition
Sexual arousal
Sexual experience
Ability to have an orgasm
Quality of sexual performance
Recovery time following sexual activity
Overall libido
General energy levels

Testofen showed statistically significant increases in DISF-SR parameters (including sexual arousal and orgasm). In addition, Testofen had a positive effect on 3 quality of life (QOL) parameters:
Muscle strength
Energy levels
Overall well-being

Citation: Steels, E., Rao, A. and Vitetta, L., 2011. Physiological Aspects of Male Libido Enhanced by Standardized Trigonella foenum-graecum Extract and Mineral Formulation. Phytotherapy Research, Vol. 25, 1294–1300. doi: 10.1002/ptr.3360

Human study on free testosterone levels and performance

Study Results: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled human clinical study of 60 subjects was conducted using Testofen as the sole ingredient. The active group demonstrated the following statistically significant results:
Significant anabolic activity as evidenced by BUN reduction (p<0.05) compared to placebo*
Significant increase in free testosterone (p<0.05) compared to placebo group*
Increased immunity (p<0.003) compared to placebo group*
Significant reduction in Serum Creatinine levels (p<0.02) compared to placebo group signifying Creatine uptake and recycling in muscle cell*
Significant increase in prolactin (p<0.04) compared to placebo group, however, this increase is within physiological limits for men*
Significant decrease in body fat compared to baseline*
Maintenance of muscle size despite maintaining overall weight and reduction of body fat*

Citation: Wankhede et. al., 2006 “Effect of Testofen on safety, anabolic activity and factors affecting exercise physiology.” To be published.

(IN ANY EVENT) I recently had my testosterone tested as part of my ongoing lab tests connected with type 2 diabetes.

I posted my last two tests on this BLOG and have no "Dog in the fight either way". I will NOT go on the Androgel 1.62% again because of side effects of which the main one was dramatically increased blood pressure readings while taking it with very little real world increase in testosterone.

SEE MY POST ON 3/14/13 ENTITLED: CholesLo works - look at my numbers. My testosterone was
272 when my last test was done and I started taking testofen from Swanson TODAY 5/20/2013. I will POST my results in 60 or 90 days along with my opinion and view on increased energy, muscle mass etc. In the 3/14/2013 post showing blood lipid profile numbers from taking a product called CholesLo my testosterone numbers are DISMAL at best on both 10/26/12 and again when recently taken  later in March  2013. My results whatever they may turn out to be will reflect dietary and exercise changes also.

EXCERPT from 3/14/13 post:

Here are the numbers:

10/26/12 Lab Work Numbers:

  • Triglycerides  (359)
  • Cholesterol    (183)
  • HDL               (31 )
  • LDL               (80 )
  • Testosterone  (248)

NEW Numbers for latest test (71 days on CholesLo):

  • Triglycerides (216) for a 143 point drop or 40% LESS
  • Cholesterol    (152) for a 31 point drop or  16.9% LESS
  • HDL (good C.)  (33) UP 2 points or 6.45% BETTER
  • LDL (bad C.)    (76) for 4 point drop or 5% LESS
  • Testosterone  (272) for 24 point increase or 9.67% better

MY next readings will be sometime probably around the end of July. I walk virtually every day, and I do squats with the dumb bells and overhead  pushes to exhaustion with 20 pound dumb bells, along with abdominal exercises and stretching.

On the alternate days, I do 75-100 push ups and on every day I do a few pull ups and chin ups. I have also added canned salmon, more eggs, more nuts and take a full range of supplements that include more than adequate amounts of B6, B12, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, fish oil etc.

Based on what I have read concerning testofen, I feel 60-70 days of taking two caps a day along with the exercise etc. should show some results.

Look for my numbers again around the first part of August.


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