The Biggest Problem for Type 2 Diabetics

The biggest issue with Type 2 diabetes is that the cells are “insulin resistant”. This is a problem, THE problem that caused their Type 2 diabetes in the first place. If a person is serious about lowering their medication or in some cases getting rid of their oral meds, this is an area that needs to be addressed and it needs to be very aggressively worked on. It is kind of like you are a soldier in the heat of the battle and the enemy is insulin resistance. There are ways to improve this problem in your body, but you must be diligent and continue these things as your lifestyle or you will end up right back where you were when you first decided you wanted to do something to have some control over the meds you take and whether you should go on insulin. Even if your doctor insists that you keep taking your meds, if you keep eating right and including the majority of this list of ways to lower insulin resistance into your lifestyle you will take less medication over time and/or lower your need for insulin.
Insulin resistance is when you cells sort of lock the doors and won’t let your natural insulin or the insulin injected do it’s job properly. Insulin’s job is to push extra glucose out of your blood and into your cells. This is what gives you energy. That is why when you were first diagnosed you probably lacked normal energy at least to some extent. When you have insulin resistance, it is like the cell’s doors are locked.
That is why knowing ways to lower that resistance is VITAL to your ongoing health.
Here are 14 ways to decrease insulin reisitance:
The ones with ** are the ones I do by drinking a green smoothie everyday!
1. Take all processed or refined sugar OUT of your diet COMPLETELY
2. Lots of Vitamin K is essential. The best source of this is leafy greens and the darker the better.
Examples: Spinach, Kale, Bok Choy, Chard, Collards, Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens and
yes, even dandelion greens! (Green smoothies is the only way you will get enough greens
to do this!)**
3. At least 15 minutes of high intensity exercise every day
4. Citrus peel extract (I put a lime slice and some lemon peel in my green smoothie every day to
accomplish this. Whenever you juice a lemon keep the peal and cut into pieces and put in a ziplock bag in the freezer for your smoothies! **
5. Flax seed – Alpha Lenoieic Acid (again, put this in your green smoothie)*
in her 12 Steps to Whole Foods has a wonderful recipe for flax seed crackers!
6. Resistance training (like you get at CURVES)
7. Low Glycemic Foods – to understand this Google it!  (this will take a little time to study and understand, but well worth the effort!)**
8. Chromium (you can get this is capsule form at your local health food store – it is called Chromium
9. WHOLE grains ONLY! no processed grains (rolled or steel cut oats, whole wheat grind yourself is best), spelt, quinoia, barley, buckwheat – hulled etc.)
10. Yoga
11. Tumeric – a wonderful spice. You can cook with it AND add a tsp in your green smoothie everyday**
12. Healthy sleeping patterns – doing all the right eating and these things above will probably insure
this will happen
13. Cinnamon – if you can’t cook enough things each day to get this, just….yeah your guessed it…..
….put it in your smoothie!!!**
14.  Taking all bad fats out of your diet.  Animal fat, vegetable oil, canola oil, etc.  Only use flax seed oil (not for cooking- put in smoothies**), unrefined virgin coconut oil and small amounts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
If you incorporate all most of these things into your life daily, you will probably soon notice a change in your blood sugar readings, but only if you are eating a Whole Foods diet (lifestyle) at the same time.
I myself do all but 2.  I don’t do Yoga and I am not doing much resistance training as of yet, but this would be weights or Curves, basically.
I sincerely hope this helps you in some way.  As you can see, drinking green smoothies  (1 QT a day)  plays a vital key role in making all this possible
Happy Exercising!
Green Smoothie Mimi