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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Importance and Benefit Of L-Lysine Supplementation

I have done numerous posts on Dr. Linus Pauling's  theory of heart disease (vs.) the medical community at large along with Big PHARMA's blood lipid theory. Needless to say, I believe with all my heart and intellect that the theory of heart disease being linked to a vitamin C, Lysine deficiency makes a lot of sense.

Mega doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) have been proven very valuable tin warding off clogged arteries and when combined with L-Lysine, L-Proline, CoQ10, Vitamin E and other key nutrients to actually Unclog existing clogged arteries.

Here is some information on the L-Lysine side of the equation which sometimes does not get enough press.

Old Irish Proverb:

"You must crack the nuts before you can eat the kernel"


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This essential lysine

Author: Alexander Yezovit

Lysine is one of the three most important essential amino acids that our body can only get from food. It is the basis for building proteins in our body.
Lysine is the first limiting amino acid needed to digest food proteins: in the lack of it, no matter how much proteins were in the food, these still not assimilated.
To construct the proteins, the body uses only L-lysine.
If you have herpes, you may not have enough lysine
With age people, especially men, need more lysine than at younger ages. Most people get the necessary amount of lysine from the diet. However, a vegetarian diet and a low-fat diet, the need for lysine can be not fully satisfied.
Lysine is found in abundance in red meat, chicken, turkey, dairy products such as yogurt and cottage cheese. But some cereals such as wheat and corn, contain too little lysine. Grinding grain destroys contained Lysine, so the white flour and other refined foods contain very little. Lysine is also destroyed by cooking protein foods with sugar.
You need to provide your body with sufficient lysine, if you have herpes, are easily get tired, can not concentrate. Perhaps you have a deficiency of lysine, if you have bloodshot eyes or you often have nausea, dizziness; if you have hair fall out or you are suffering from anemia.
With a lack of lysine, the whole protein metabolism is upset. Lysine builds proteins of muscle and collagen - the connective tissue component. Strength and elasticity of ligaments and tendons depend on lysine, as well as of bones, because lysine promotes the absorption of calcium and its incorporation into bone tissue. It accelerates the recovery of bone tissue after injuries and operations, prevents osteoporosis, impaired lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis, preventing heart attacks and strokes.
The lack of lysine in men may cause impotence. In athletes, especially in long distance runners, lysine deficiency can lead to chronic inflammation of the tendons and muscle depletion. The lack of lysine in the diet may also lead to a breach of hematopoiesis and decrease the amount of hemoglobin. Here are the basic functions of lysine in the body:
  • Ensuring calcium absorption.
  • Production of collagen to build bone, cartilage and connective tissues.
  • Production of antibodies of the immune system.
  • Production of the hormones the endocrine system.
  • Production of enzymes of the digestive system.
  • Providing transport of blood oxygen and nutrients.
  • Ensuring heart muscle operation.
  • Ensuring nitrogen metabolism.
  • Ensuring function of the gallbladder.
  • Activation of the pineal gland and mammary glands.
  • Ensuring assimilation of amino acids.

Some important facts about the lysine

1. Lysine stops the development of herpes

In 1950, it was found that certain amino acids contained in foods, may stimulate or stop the growth of herpes virus. Thus, the amino acid arginine accelerates the growth of the virus, and lysine, by contrast, extends the period of remission with labial herpes (on lips) and genital herpes, and prevents relapse.
Although lysine not kill the virus, but it still prevents the manifestation of its active symptoms, especially blisters on the lips or around the genitals. Its effect is manifest in the fact that it does not give herpes virus absorb its favorite food - the amino acid arginine.
Action of L-lysine has studied by means of clinical researches throughout the world. Their findings were published in the journal "Dermatologica" (1978), in the journal "Chemotherapy" (1981) and in "Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy" (1983): It was found that the viral reproduction is suppressed by intake of lysine, while deficiency of arginine.
In the treatment of herpes, should follow a diet high in lysine and minimum of arginine, and take additional lysine in the form of supplements. The dose of lysine to prevent a recurrence of the disease should be 1,250 mg daily (on an empty stomach).
The highest ratio of lysine / arginine are cheeses and other dairy products. The lowest ratio - the majority of nuts and some fruit juices.
Foods high in lysine:
    - dairy products;
    - soybeans;
    - meat;
    - lentils;
    - spinach.
Foods high in arginine:
    - gelatin;
    - nuts;
    - chocolate.
High stress quickly depletes cellular reserves of lysine and herpes virus "wakes up". That's why people who live "on the nerves" are more likely to bouts of herpes. The herpes virus can also cause sores, and here, too, can be used lysine for the treatment.
In the treatment of herpes, is useful to combine receiving lysine with no-sugar diet and supplementation of vitamins A, C and bioflavonoids. Antiviral properties of lysine may also help in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, hepatitis and HIV.

2. Lysine prevents the development of atherosclerosis

In 1996, Matthias Rath and Alexander Nedvetski clinically proven that in early atherosclerosis, an increased intake of vitamin C (2,700 mg per day), lysine (450 mg per day), proline (450 mg) in combination with a complex of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants retards the development of atherosclerosis in an average of 50%, and in some cases leads to complete regression of atherosclerotic deposits.

(INSERT) See my other posts on Dr. Linus Pauling and even HIGHER recommendations on Vitamin C and Lysine intake)
Dr. Matthias Rath believes that lysine together with proline and vitamin C blocks the action of lipoprotein A, which leads to clogged arteries. Lysine intercepts LP (a) and does not give them deposit on arterial walls; at high enough concentrations, it is able to extract the LP (a) and other low-density lipoproteins from the already formed atheroma.
Therefore lysine is able to reduce high blood pressure, which is one of the main causes of heart attacks and strokes. Lysine also supports the energy potential of the heart muscle, so it serves as a source for development of carnitine - amino acid, providing muscle energy.

3. Lysine blocks spreading of metastases

Dr. Rath also found that lysine inhibits the action of collagenases - enzymes that dissolve the shell of the cancer, which constrains its metastasis. The most effective lock occurs while taking at the same time vitamin C, lysine, proline and epigallocate-chine gallate - polyphenol, a component of green tea. In 2002, researches showed that in this case metastasis of cancer cells of various types are completely blocked.
Reports about successful use of lysine derivatives for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer have been published by research group of Dr. Asted (University of Lund, Sweden) in 1977. In 1980, Dr. Suma from Tokyo said about the treatment of inoperable ovarian cancer with metastases to the peritoneal cavity. In this case, the process was also stopped, and within three years of observation, relapse has not arisen.
As the biological mechanism of metastasis is the same for all types of cancer, the use of lysine in combination with other, similar substances can inhibit or completely block spreading cancer of all studied types, as well as, as it is expected, the AIDS.

4. Lysine prevents osteoporosis

The complex L-lysine Plus contains vitamin C and lysine
There is a correlation between lysine deficiency and the lack of calcium in bone tissue. At present, lysine is an essential part of prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. All women in the postmenopausal age need to take a minimum of 500 mg of lysine per day, and if their diet is not enough animal protein, even more.
Lysine is needed to absorb calcium from food and to incorporate it into bone. With a deficit of lysine, output of calcium with the urine increases. Complex supplements, containing lysine and vitamin C, can be used for prevention of osteoporosis, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, and also in antitumor therapy.

5. Lysine accelerates the growth

In 1981, the MD A. Isidori with staff from the University of Rome showed that the combination of lysine + arginine ten times stronger promotes the release of growth hormone than arginine alone. The experiment was performed on youths aged 15 to 20 years.
Lysine in combination with arginine is also used by bodybuilders for the combined effect of increasing muscle volume and strength.

6. Lysine strengthens hair

Compared with many other factors of nutrition, effect of essential amino acids for hair growth and hair loss is still poorly understood. However, scientists have linked the role of L-lysine in the absorption of iron and zinc from its effect on hair growth. Lysine supplementation reduces the rate of hair loss and makes hair thicker. This effect is more pronounced if, together with L-lysine, take also iron and zinc supplements.

7. Lysine prevents the lens from damage

High blood sugar levels in diabetes type I or II may cause damage of the lens and eye cataract formation. Along with taking chromium picolinate and zinc, daily intake of 500 mg L-lysine slows down this process.

8. Lysine strengthens the immune system

Adequate provision the body with essential amino acids is a prerequisite for the normal functioning of the immune system. Particularly important is the normal supply of the two amino acids - lysine and arginine.
These amino acids are needed to produce a sufficient number of neutrophils entering into a strategic defense system against hepatitis B and C, HIV, chronic fatigue syndrome and any immunodeficiency states.
Special complex drug Virago to improve antiviral immunity was developed primarily against herpes simplex virus, but it works successfully against many other infectious diseases. It includes, along with herbal ingredients, also L-lysine and zinc.
Antiviral complex Virago

9. Lysine slows down aging

Studies conducted in 1984 at the Mayo Clinic showed that lysine, in combination with arginine can enhance the secretion of thyroid hormones in the elderly, which also helps to prevent senile immunodeficiency. This can be associated with increased secretion of growth hormone.
*   *   *
It should also be noted that lysine is important for efficient operation of the brain; its deficiency may impair short-term memory and ability to concentrate. Reproductive sphere also suffer with a deficiency of lysine - in women, this may lead to loss of libido, in men - to reduce erectile function.

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