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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dr. Black's Texas Superfood Powder and Capsules?

Talk radio in my area lately is bombarded with Dr. Black's SUPER FOOD COMMERCIALS. I am always interested in nutritional drinks and powders especially for people on the go and those who do not like swallowing tablets or capsules.

I personally have no way to scientifically evaluate this product, however there are several sites on the web that independently and without bias rate green drinks, so called super food powders etc. based on different criteria and give a product an unbiased overall rating. Unfortunately the Texas Super Food does not score well on sites I have looked at. One factor that pulls it way down is the price and lack of detailed information on the ingredients. I am not saying this is a bad product, however there seem to be better super foods in the market place at a much lower price per serving that have better disclosure of the ingredients.

"People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher or better than themselves" Tyrone Edwards

I am going to post a link here for those of you who might be contemplating this product and hoping for results such as put forth on the short commercials. I do this for information purposes only and to perhaps save you from being separated from your money and not realizing results. You Decide:


Texas Superfood Powder Review

Review of Texas Superfood Powder
Texas Superfood Single Powder is a superfood green drink powder made by a company called NuPlexa and developed by Dr. Dennis Black N.D., a doctor of natural medicine. The following Texas Superfood Powder review will examine the ingredients, the potencies and the price and provide an appropriate overall score based on the quality and value.


Product Name: Texas Superfood Powder Single
Company Name: NuPlexa
Owner(s): Dr. Dennis Black N.D.
Product Description: green superfood drink powder
Price: $79.95 (18 servings)
Rating:  5.2 out of 10


Texas Superfood has three categories of superfoods listed on the label. These categories are Fruits, Vegetables and Algae & Grasses.
There are approximately 60 different superfood ingredients in these three categories and also included are a handful of herbs.
There’s nothing terribly remarkable about the list of superfoods. They are good ingredients, loaded with health benefits. However, there are a couple of significant red flags.
One of the major concerns with the superfoods is that there’s no way of knowing how much of each ingredient you are ingesting. They are simply broken down by either “fruits”, “vegetables” or “algae or grasses”.
The second concern we have is that the label does not provide the source of the ingredients. Are they vegetable powders? Juice extracts? Juice extracts, though rare, provide the highest density of phytonutrients.
Lastly, the total amount of superfoods you are getting in each serving is far lower than most superfood green drinks we’ve reviewed. One serving is 2 teaspoons or 10 grams. This formula also has digestive enzymes listed on the label but again, we have no way of knowing what percentage of the 10 grams is digestive enzymes and therefore, we don’t know how many grams of superfoods you are getting per serving. Frustrating.



Outside of the superfoods, there really is not much more to this formula. Texas Superfood has a digestive enzyme panel, but as stated above, we don’t know the potencies of the enzymes. There are no probiotics in the formula, which is disappointing. The vast majority of superfood green drinks have probiotics. There is very little protein and very little nutrient-dense calories per serving.

Click Here to See the Supplement Facts, Nutrition Facts & Suggested Use



Texas Superfood tastes pretty decent. It’s somewhat neutral with a slight algae taste. There’s not a lot of green chlorophyll and apparently no vegetable juice extracts in this product. Typically, the healthier a green drink is the stronger it tastes.
Texas Superfood should not alienate customers based purely on taste.



Value is determined by taking the total amount of nutrition per serving and dividing that by the total cost of the product. This is not an exact science but when you get more comfortable examining and understanding labels, it becomes second nature to quickly derive a value.
Texas Superfood suffers in terms of value. The total amount of nutrition you are ingesting per serving is 10 grams. As stated earlier, there’s no way of knowing how much of this is pure superfoods. There’s no way of knowing how much of each superfood you are getting.
Let’s assume that the digestive enzymes represent a small amount of the 10 grams and that each serving provides almost 10 grams of superfoods. The total cost for the 180-gram canister of Texas Superfood is $79.95. If each serving is approximately 10 grams then there’s roughly 18 servings per canister. That breaks down to $4.44 per serving!
Read all the reviews on this site and you will discover that Texas Superfood holds the distinction of being the most expensive superfood supplement we’ve reviewed. It’s even more expensive than Shakeology and Athletic Greens and that’s saying something!
Compare Texas Superfood to Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens and you will see that a serving of the TLD Greens is 38 grams per serving, 13 grams of that being just green superfood, and the cost per serving is around $3. Or, compare Texas Superfood toGreen Vibrance… GV provides 12 total grams of nutrition per serving, including an unparalleled probiotics panel, for under $2 per serving.
Texas Superfood is not a good value. Not even close.



  • Tastes decent for a green drink
  • Has approximately 60 different superfood ingredients
  • Extremely low potencies
  • Does not disclose any of the  amounts-per-ingredient
  • At over $4 per serving is the most expensive superfood drink we’ve reviewed


Texas Superfood Powder seems to be a market-driven product that holds very little overall value when compared to the many other quality green drinks in the marketplace.
No matter what a company claims, the proof is always in the label… what’s genuinely in the bottle. Texas Superfood Powder is over $4 per serving. More expensive than Kylea’sTotal Living Drink Greens, more expensive than Living Fuel Super Greens and more expensive than Green Vibrance.
That’s like a Chevy Cobalt having a higher sticker price than a Mercedes AMG.
Hopefully, this Texas Superfood Powder Review has been helpful.

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