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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Conquering Heart Disease

My own personal regimen encompasses several natural supplements along with a radical change in diet from the years prior to my bypass surgery and also a change in exercise.

I subscribe to the Unified Theory of heart Disease as put forth by Dr. Linus Pauling, the Vitamin C guy.

I have taken every day since my bypass surgery:

8000 milligrams of vitamin C (3000 mg AM, 2000 mg Noon and 3000 mg Evening)
3000 milligrams of L-Lysine (an essential amino acid) 2000 mg AM and 1000 mg PM
1000 to 1500 milligrams of L-Proline (Split between AM/PM)
100 mg of CoQ10 (co-enzyme Q10)
100 IU (or more) of Vitamin E
Extra magnesium
(Several other supplements not necessarily related specifically to heart disease per se)

I also try and walk 2 or more miles at a brisk pace every day, along with doing 25 to 50 push ups, some weight training, stretching and abdominal and core strengthening exercises

I try to get adequate fiber in my diet and my breakfast consists of Quaker oats, 4 or 5 seedless grapes, a tablespoon or two of organic ground flax seeds, a handful of blueberries, and perhaps a stevia packet for sweetness along with a little sugar free natural almond milk and a cup of coffee.
(UPDATE 1/20/2016  / I ADD "A 1/2 CUP OF ALL BRAN cereal to my soups and breakfast oatmeal in addition to the above. My average daily fiber consisting of soluble and non-soluble types is over 35 grams daily on purpose. That is in addition what ever additional fiber comes from fruits, veggies, beans and the oatmeal itself).

I pretty much subscribe to the Wheat Belly diet protocol, eliminating almost all bread, sandwiches, and any and all multi grain processed cereals, including granola etc. with few exceptions.

For the most part I avoid sugar in all its many hidden forms and stay away from the deserts, empty calorie carbohydrates, cakes, cookies, candy bars, donuts, etc.  etc.

I try and eat a lot of vegetables and a broad variety of same along with a couple of apples a day and a banana or two , an orange etc.

I try and eat a big raw salad every day

I still eat meat, but not nearly as much as I used to. I do enjoy fish, and chicken in moderation.

I take a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and extra virgin organic  cold pressed Coconut oil along with drinking some aloe vera juice daily.

I am not on any statins or cholesterol lowering drugs. I do take other natural products such as CholesLo, Fenugreek, omega 3 fish oil, saw palmetto and a product for prostate health called BestProstate. My PSA is 0.4 or less than 1%.

I drink a lot of water and for the most part avoid any soft drinks, colas, carbonated drinks in general whether sugar free or not.

Lastly I live my life, try to use common sense and moderation in all things and pray to the Lord of the Universe every day. I give the Lord thanks for my health and place Jesus first in my life. I am a sinner like everyone else on the planet, and accept His Substitutionary death on the cross (in my place) and His subsequent resurrection  that I might have eternal life.

I do a lot of reading and research on what works and what doesn't and always try to take the natural route for health rather than allowing the medical community to prescribe more and more prescription drugs each with its own 3 or 4 pages of known side effects.

God Bless,


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