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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Magnesium Dose Info

I thought I would follow up the post on the benefits of magnesium with some addition information from Dr. Mercola. I subscribe to his news letter along with other newsletters that are based on natural products and do not have their hands in the pockets of the "Pharmaceutical Industry".

Here is the LINK and an EXCERPT:

Beware: Many Prescription Drugs Deplete Your Magnesium Stores

According to Dr. Dean, two major lifestyle factors that deplete your body of magnesium are stress and prescription drugs. Unfortunately, the conventional medical approach for the former oftentimes leads to the latter, making your situation progressively worse. Dr. Dean explains:
"The scenario that I like to talk about is very basic. You will recognize it immediately in either yourself or your family members. You go to your doctor. You're under massive stress. Massive stress means you're losing magnesium. You're burning magnesium out of your body, because it helps support your adrenal glands. It helps keep you away from anxiety and depression. It helps relax your muscles.
If you're all tight and stressed, your magnesium is being lost, [which makes] the muscles of your blood vessels tighten. That tightness is going to cause increased blood pressure. Your doctor... will say, 'Oh, your blood pressure is elevated. We'll give you a diuretic.'
A diuretic will drop the fluid level in your body to take the pressure off your blood vessels, so your blood pressure will drop. But diuretics also drain off your magnesium... A month later you come back, and the doctor finds your blood pressure's even more elevated. Yes—because you've just lost more magnesium! Your doctor then puts you on a calcium channel blocker. Now, they have that part right. They know that without magnesium, your calcium is going to become elevated and will tighten up your blood vessels, so they try to block calcium. But they don't know that magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker.
Your doctor may also put you on an angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, another blood pressure drug... So, you go away with three drugs now. After two or three months, you come back and have blood taken to make sure that drugs aren't hurting your liver... All of a sudden, your cholesterol is elevated. All of a sudden, your blood sugar is elevated. What does the doctor say? 'Oh, we caught your cholesterol. We just caught your blood sugar. We can put you on medications.' But they didn't catch them; they caused them."
Dr. Dean warns that the more you deplete your magnesium, the more out of control your cholesterol will get, because magnesium helps balance the enzyme that creates cholesterol in your body, thereby aiding in normalizing your cholesterol levels. Interestingly, and importantly, statin drugs destroy the same enzyme that magnesium balances, she says. Magnesium deficiency is also a common symptom in diabetes, so drugs may inadvertently contribute to diabetes simply by depleting your body of magnesium.

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