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Sunday, March 6, 2011

What Is Type 2 Diabetes?

I hope based on my research and study to put into layman's terms what type 2 diabetes is and what is happening to you, and why prescription drugs are NOT a long term answer and have nothing what so ever to do with curing or reversing the disease itself.

I will be using notes from the book, "Death To Diabetes" along with other books, magazine articles and websites I have visited.

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that results from "Insulin Resistance" in which a type 2 diabetics  cells are unable to use the  insulin produced by the pancreas. In a normal non-diabetic person, the food they eat is broken down and converted to glucose after a meal. As the glucose in your blood begins to rise, a signal is sent to the pancreas to secrete more insulin into the blood stream. Your body's cells contain doors or windows or locks (have seen all three listed) called "Insulin Receptors" whose job it is to sense the presence of insulin. Insulin is the KEY to open these LOCKS to let the glucose into your cells where it is processed and used as energy.

It works the same way in a type 2 diabetic EXCEPT the insulin receptors REFUSE to allow the lock to be opened and to accept the glucose where it can be used for energy. Doesn't mean that NONE of it is let through, however over time your cells in general become more and more insulin resistant. Some of the glucose is stored in the LIVER, and MUSCLES as glycogen, and the glucose levels in the blood stream continue to rise. This causes the pancreas whose job it is to secrete more and more insulin to try and force so to speak the glucose into the cells.

The insulin receptors will have none of that situation so because the liver and muscles have very limited storage ability, the EXCESS is converted by the liver to FAT, and transported to larger storage facilities such as:

  • The abdomen - why you can't lose that belly fat
  • The Hips
  • The Waist
  • The Blood - resulting in HIGH triglycerides (fat level in the blood stream showing up on your blood lipid panel)

The KIDNEYS also play a role resulting in frequent urination, which leads to a strong thirst resulting in more drinking, and consequently a depletion of valuable vitamins and minerals. It turns into a vicious cycle as apparently the high levels of insulin present in the blood, inhibit the breakdown of fat as the amount of fat cells in the body continue to increase. The excess fat cells in turn release chemicals called cytokines, which block the insulin receptors, which in turn cause the pancreas to churn our more and more insulin.

I think I finally understand the phrase, "AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE", as your body is literally at war with itself. It is sort of like the self destruct button is on lock down or stuck so to speak.

ARE YOU DOOMED? NOT if you take action. If you act two days before the day after tomorrow, (do the math) and keep on taking steps in the right direction, you can beat this. I pray you are not already in a medically helpless situation and nightly pray for those who feel all hope of recovering and leading a normal lifestyle is already gone. I believe GOD is still on the throne and PRAYER changes things.

So Far in this BLOG, I have made posts on different alternatives to your previous lifestyle. NONE of them are bad, or wrong and all of them have POSITIVE benefits in the right direction. I will list them here and your can look under the LABEL section above my profile to read about them in more detail:

  • The Budwig Mixture (cottage cheese and flax oil - how to make it)
  • The PH Miracle, and the effect that alkalinity has on your diabetes
  • Avoiding hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils / USE instead extra virgin Olive oil, flax oil and coconut oil
  • Exercise - especially combining aerobics and weight resistance training
  • What not to eat - especially avoiding refined carbohydrates and empty calorie foods and carbonated sodas
  • What to eat - more multi colored vegetables and fruits, raw nuts, organic raw milk, Kefir
  • What nutritional supplements are recommended and why
  • Reading Scripture and getting right with the Lord

I am in the same struggle as most of you are. You simply cannot continue to take your drugs, eat everything and anything you want, skip the exercise, and just believe you are going to be okay. You are deceiving yourself. The drugs will help lower your BG, however they do NOT heal or cure anything. Your diabetes will continue to progress and will get worse if you are simply content to take prescription drugs and continue in your old lifestyle. Stop waiting for a miracle pill or magic bullet or potion to come from the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies.

I am NOT saying they won't eventually come up with something, however I am NOT betting my life on it. One has to realize there is also a financial gain to the pharmaceutical companies to be content just to control diabetes to perpetuate the drug industry. Go back and read the post I did on AVANDIA with an estimated 83,000 heart attacks between 2001 and 2007 caused by this drug. My understanding is that this drug is still on the market. I find that amazing, and because of situations like this, I am trying to wean myself off all prescription drugs through proper diet and exercise. I also do the research on side effects of any drug I am on.


Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food.

  "Death and LIFE are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." (Proverbs 18:21)

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