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Friday, May 27, 2011

MORE On PH Miracle For Type 2 Diabetes

This will be a short post to introduce you to a LINK concerning my previous post on INTERSTITIAL FLUID and the consequences of whether that fluid is acidic or alkaline and its effect on your insulin receptors. The website also wants you to purchase a water ionized water making machine. Probably not a bad idea, however I personally have NO association or profit from the purchase of any of these items.

LINK to Alkaline Water 

I do think the information concerning the interstitial fluid is important to understand. Here is an excerpt from this site.

Is That The Fault of Glucose and Insulin?

NO! Neither glucose nor insulin are the culprits that cause Insulin Resistance. Type 2 Diabetes is rooted in a problem existing in every single cell in your body, and it is not simply a problem involving one or two organs. You cannot put the blame on either the small intestine - for absorbing too much glucose, or the pancreas - for not producing enough insulin. There is enough insulin in the blood. The problem is not insulin insufficiency, but rather, insulin utilization.
These organs are just doing their jobs as pre-programmed in our DNA. The problem is something that disturbed the surface of the membrane in every cell in our body that causes the Resistance towards Insulin and glucose.

What is The Actual Root Cause of Insulin Resistance? How to Reverse It?

Before discussing what causes Insulin Resistance, I would like you to imagine an aquarium that is filled with hundreds of fishes. If, one day most of the fish in the tank were behaving abnormally and seemed sick. What would be the most likely cause that comes to mind? The water! There must be something wrong with the environment that the fish are living in.
One hundred trillion of our body cells are like fish living in a sea of body fluid called Interstitial Fluid. Insterstitial fluid is the medium where the exchange of nutrients and/or toxic waste between cells and blood happens. A bad Internal Environment will only cultivate unhealthy and crooked cells - eventually leading to Insulin Resistance.
The 2 major destructive forces within a 'polluted' internal environment are:
1. Acidic Corrosion
2. Free Radical Oxidation
Below is the illustration of what happens to your body cells when exposed to an acidic and oxidative environment for a long period of time.
insulin resistance

What Creates An Acidic and Oxidative Internal Body Environment?

Most Type 2 Diabetes patients have had a very imbalanced diet since they were young - at least 80% of their daily diet consisting of acidic food. If you want to know the complete list acidic food - google it. Generally, acidic foods are foods that are high in protein and calories. Protein will be broken down to amino acids after digestion and the metabolic process of handling the excess calories produces organic acids in our body.
High concentration of acidic compounds floating around the interstitial fluid will create a lot of positively charged hydrogen ions which tend to rob away electrons (oxidation) from other elements and create free radicals that attack the cell membrane. And this oxidation process is a chain reaction that consists of multiple free radical attacks which are very destructive to the cell membrane.


For me, it just keeps coming up (PH FACTOR) which if it is acidic is one if not the main culprit in Type 2 Diabetes. The hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oil theory mates up with the PH factor like peas in a pod. All the empty calorie carbs, carbonated sodas, white flour, sugary cereal's and other junk non-nutritive foods a lot of us consume over a long period time caused the diabetes. It makes sense to me to return to a multi-colored vegetable based diet, with lean mean and chicken and fish, and some fruits along with both aerobic and weight resistance exercise EVERY day to reverse it. You didn't get Type 2 Diabetes overnight, so do not expect to reverse it overnight. A 1000 mile journey begins with the first step, and after that, you just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

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