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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nopal Cactus and Type 2 Diabetes

I am thinking seriously about adding Nopal Cactus back into my regimen. I bought a gallon of this juice when I was first diagnosed and new to diabetes and frankly didn't know anything about it. I was still in that wonder, "WHY ME" stage and was frantically trying different things and I just remember that drinking the Nopal Cactus juice every day made an immediate difference in my blood sugar readings. Unfortunately I do not remember where I bought it, however it was on line.

There are several outlets for Nopal Cactus products out there, and amongst them is a product called "Nopalea" marketed by Trivita Corporation. They have on ongoing series of InfoMercials on TV with some astounding testimonies. I am already a MEMBER of Trivita and used their products exclusively a few years ago (prior to the introduction ofNopalea). I am THINKING of seriously looking into this company again, as I understand, "once a member, always a member" which entitles one to discounts and also a business opportunity. With the number of diseases being LINKED directly or indirectly to INFLAMATION, I am going to take a second look at their Nopalea product along with their other supplements.

I will be doing another post on this Nopalea product from the Nopal Cactus Juice and post results on my BLOG if I feel it has merit and is something I will personally take and recommend to others.Here are some other alternatives in the interim  from IHerb, called, Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum 1000mg Nopal Cactus formula.
LINK To IHerb Products   .................Including the Nopal Cactus Full Spectrum formula.

I will do a separate post on the history and benefits of Nopal Cactus.


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