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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MORE On Fiber

Here are some other sources of fiber to consider:

Lima beans are reputed to have the highest fiber content among beans, and also good are black beans, kidney beans and navy beans.

Among fruits, try oranges, pears, tangerines, apricots and mangoes. Grapefruit is also good however BEWARE of grapefruit if you take certain prescription drugs as it may cause drug interactions.

Best cereal types would be oatmeal, oat bran and barley formulas.

Veggies would include Brussels sprouts, asparagus and sweet potatoes.

Ground flax seed is one of the best and can be added to your oatmeal or other cereal.

Psyllium (soluble fiber) such as found in Metamucil (go for the no added sugar or sugar free) and chia seeds.

Remember that the more fiber you get as a diabetic, will help you avoid those after meal blood sugar spikes and watch the intake of starchy based foods.


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