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Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Strategies For Type 2 Diabetics

Summer is upon us even though the weather in my part of the world hasn't caught up with it yet. That means a lot of us are traveling more or getting ready to take a trip. Diabetics need to plan for those trips a little more than the average person.

You need to make some advanced plans so you don't end up with LOW BLOOD SUGAR:

BLOOD SUGAR                        SYMPTOM

71 mg/dl to 100 mg/dl                  Possible exhaustion, shaky and anxious
50 mg/dl to 70 mg/dl                    Dizziness, sweaty and disorientated
49 mg/dl and below                     About to PASS OUT

You need to make sure of some precautions before taking a trip:

Keep some protein food bars, and some fruit such as apples, oranges, pears, bananas etc. with you in the vehicle or if you are hiking in a nap sack
Keep some cold bottled waters with you
Bring your BG Meter and test strips and lancets
Good idea to have a bottle of fast acting glucose tabs - the kind that melt in your mouth
Switch drivers once in a while and when you are not driving, eat and drink something
Don't start driving if your blood sugar is below 100
Keep a PBJ sandwich in the cooler in the vehicle, perhaps some snacks like cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, string cheese, trail mix etc.
When you come to a rest stop on the interstate ..TAKE YOUR BG LEVEL and if necessary eat something
IF you are or have been under stress, take your BG readings more often
Plan in advance for unexpected delays in traffic /emergencies that could change your plans
DRINK plenty of fluids

You might very well be planning on eating on the road as you travel, however you NEED to have a cooler and snacks with you in case of long term traffic delays due to an accident etc.


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