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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dangerous Side Effects Of Prescription Drugs

This BLOG has since its inception posted information leaning towards using food, natural supplements, herbs, vitamins and minerals and exercise to combat Type 2 diabetes. I see NO reason to switch horses in the middle of the stream. While I am NOT suggesting that all prescription drugs are bad for you and might even be necessary if one is not willing or able to exercise, eat right and take the right natural supplements instead of just popping the latest prescription drug; the drugs are NOT going to cure your diabetes. In a case of severe symptoms, and dangerously high blood glucose levels, I can understand being on medication at least for the short run. The long term goal however should be to lose weight if necessary, avoid the sugar laden or artificial sweetener laden empty calorie foods and start an exercise program suitable for your age, weight and any disabilities or physical limitations that you have.

Remember life is NOT a race but a Marathon. Make small changes today and keep making positive changes in your diet, and exercise programs and educate yourself on the (Natural Approach) (vs.) the just add another prescription drug or increase the dose of the ones I am already on.

There are abundant stories on the internet and in books of people who were suffering from severe symptoms of type 2 diabetes who are now off all their prescriptions and they maintain an A1C of well under 7.0. IT CAN be done. You have to want it and it requires effort, however the rewards are worth the effort.

Here is a link and an article you should take time to read as there is a LOT of information in it which you will not likely hear at your local clinic or doctor's office.


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