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Monday, March 7, 2016

Reduce After Meal Blood Sugar Spikes Naturally

I have been reading some interesting research on fasting blood sugar and why yours AND MINE may be too high. As of 2013, more than 1/3 of the AMERICAN POPULATION  was estimated to be Pre-diabetic. I imagine that percentage is higher today in 2016.

Elevated blood glucose levels contribute to the risk of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, cancer, kidney disease, neuropathy and retinal damage.

In 2013, fasting blood glucose levels higher than 125 mg/dl were considered diabetic and levels between 100-125 mg/dl were considered PRE-diabetic.

The Life Extension folks now advise that optimal fasting BG levels should be in the range of 70-85 mg/dl. They also indicate that a growing body of evidence shows that tissue damage and disease risk INCREASE even when fasting levels exceed 85 mg/dl.

WOW - when I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I was told NOT to go to sleep with fasting levels below 100 mg/dl. Not such bad advice based on taking a dose of Metformin and Glipizide with the evening meal. The concern was that while sleeping BG levels could drop dangerously low.

Perhaps the right approach is through watching your diet and exercising more and avoiding snacks and late night meals would help in avoiding much of that after meal glucose spike to begin with.

In addition there are natural supplements one can take to lower the after meal spike process.

If you have not tried it, do some research on Green Coffee Bean Extract formulas that provide 400 mg of a green coffee bean extract containing 40-50% chlorogenic acid PRIOR to your meals. Doing so has been shown to result in a 32% reduction in blood glucose measured 2 hours after the meal.

While drinking 7 cups of coffee a day, coffee lovers have experienced a 50% lower risk to diabetes that those who drink only 2 cups a day.

With the right green coffee bean extract of 350 mg or more has been shown to be the equivalent of 14 cups of coffee per day without the acid stomach upset etc. Drinking enough coffee is difficult in that the roasting process of dark roasted coffee removes too many beneficial polyphenols such as chlorogenic acid.

Green coffee bean extract has also proved more effective in providing stronger glucose-lowering protection that drinking the coffee itself.

I am going to experiment on myself by taking (2) green coffee caps a day before meals and keeping track of my Blood Glucose levels exactly 2 hours after a meal.

There are several sources out there for Green Coffee bean Extract at varying prices. You may want to look into this especially if your BG level seems to spike very high after eating a meal.

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Here are some resources for trying variations of this product:

  • Life Extension offers a product called CoffeeGenic for around $31.50 for a one month's supply if you are a member.
  • Puritan Pride offers a product #52709 on special where you can order (4) bottle and receive 8 bottle free. Price for the total 10 bottles in $67.69 which is a 10 month package. They ALSO offer other options including a 400 mg capsule with 120 caps which is enough to take one before breakfast, lunch and dinner. That is listed as item #51998 and will get you 5 bottles or a 5 month supply.
(NO, I do NOT receive any remuneration from Puritan Pride or the Life Extension folks. I have had great success using other products from both and Puritan Pride's prices and specials are tough to beat for someone on a budget.)

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Green Coffee Bean Extract800 mg **
  (Coffea arabica)
  (Standardized to contain 45%
  Chlorogenic Acids, 360 mg)

Green Coffee Bean Extract 800 mg  60 Capsules 800 mg $16.99 

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